Adding multiple emails to your Google Plus Account

I had a good number of people add me to their circles on Google Plus. Which is great! However, friends, co-workers, family members and acquaintances all know me by different email addresses. I was determined to find out what Google had in place (if anything) to rectify this issue. A little googling led me to the Google Accounts Management screen. Of course,  you need to be logged in first but from this page you can link other emails to your Google account.

Google Account Management Screen

Google Account Management Screen

Now, be aware that a Google Account is not the same as a Gmail account. You can have a Google account to access Google services and not really have a Gmail account. Gmail is just another service Google provides, just like Google Calendar, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, etc. A Google account is a unified sign-in system that gives you access the various Google services ( here is a list of most of these services ). That being said, you would want to add all your email and email aliasses to your Google account. Start by clicking on “Edit” next to email addresses on the Google Account Management screen.

Adding a new email to your Google Account

Adding a new email to your Google Account

On the next screen you will see a list of emails pending verification ( if any ) and a textbox to enter a new email address. Entering a new address will send you right back to this same page but with the new address added to the list of “pending verification” email addresses. In your inbox of the new email address you provided, you should receive an email from “” asking you to click on a link to verify the address is actually yours. The link will take you to an account verification page where you will put your Google account username and password.

Upon successful verification you should now be able to log into any Google service you are already registered to by using the new email address and your current Google password. Furthermore, if someone attempts to add you to one of their Google Plus circles referring to you by that email address; Google will recognize the email address as an email that is linked to your Google account. Now you don’t need to worry that your old college friends know you as, your family knows you as, your co-workers as but you are registered as on your Google Plus account !

23 thoughts on “Adding multiple emails to your Google Plus Account

  1. Andy Travis

    I have a similar problem in that I have two different google apps accounts and would like to use both these email addresses in my google+ profile, but I can’t seem to find any way to do it as it keeps saying the domain administrator needs to do it.

    Just a little thing but as everyone else has said, annoying…

  2. Scott Warner

    Dude.. You just saved me a headache, and possibly a migraine!

    When you don’t know something, you don’t know!
    Just showing my appreciation Angel!

    I accomplished what I needed to do in 3 minutes.

    Scott Warner

  3. Frank

    I’m with the guys looking for a way to merge or unify my regular Google account with my primary Google Apps Google Account. Google+ is great but it lacks functionality like this that Facebook has have since always. Hope Google guys fix this ASAP.

  4. Rico Arias

    Thank you for this article and thank you to those who commented too. I am hoping google and google apps accounts could be linked so that my google+ accounts can be consolidated in one profile!

  5. David L. Gassman

    I no longer have the e-mail address listed as primary on my gmail account. How do I get rid of it and keep the correct alternative which I have successfully added?

  6. Charley

    I signed up for Google+ with my gmail address, because my regular email address is using google apps. Wish I could merge the two, because now that Google+ is available to google apps user, my main email account isn’t associated with Google+ :(

    1. Angel S. Moreno Post author

      To my knowledge, there is currently no way to merge your Google Apps account and Google account. It is something I have been monitoring since 2008! I often revisit this Google Support Forum post and other like it. Many GoogleApps users want and need this feature. This is one of the old post I check

      1. Justin Freid

        I’m in the same boat. Google should allow more flexibility in linking Google+ accounts. I also want all of my information to show up properly in the Gmail People Widget, regardless of which email address I send from.

      2. Justin Freid

        Hopefully Google will rethink what “linked accounts” means and allow multiple Google accounts to be linked. I want people’s contact information for me to be properly displayed and updated within the Google Contacts system regardless of what email address of mine they have. Right now to achieve that, I’d have to create a Google+ account for each email address.
        Good post and followup, Angel.

  7. Jason P.

    My website email uses google for its email hosting/servers. I tried adding that address, but it says I already have a google account associated with that address….Is there any other way to link email addresses?

  8. Googlicious

    Thank you for your article so my issue

    1. I have many email addresses and I like to keep them separate, how can I set it so that my circles can only send messages to the preferred email that I already gave them? Is that possible?

    2. I have multiple gmail email addresses and even my non-gmail addresses are associated with a google account. If the first issue isn’t resolved I don’t want to go through the trouble of un-associating them from their respective google accounts. These are the instructions google help gave:
    Google Accounts Help

    3. My work email as well was recently converted to google apps, so I cannot un-associate it from its gooogle account, what then?

    I would really like to get full use of google plus, but I like to keep separate email accounts for a reason, I don’t want to share my primary email address with everyone…

    Thoughts? Solutions?

  9. Dani

    Thanks, that’s really helpful! My problem is that I have two Gmail addresses and would like both of them to be associated with my one Google Plus account, but it looks like you can’t associate more than one Gmail address with an account.

    Any ideas?

  10. Juan

    What about the other way around?
    In my circles i have serveral contacts that are the same people with differente emails, i want to see just one contact associat it with multiple emails, is that posible? or i have to wait until everybody create an account and edit their info?.

    1. Angel S. Moreno

      Unfortunately Juan, they have to do the leg work. Those contacts have to associate their email to a single Google account in order for the accounts to merge. Just send them to this post. Several people at my place of employment added their company email with their Google account and automatically I no longer saw two instances of them in my circle.

      1. Jed

        So if I edit somone’s contact in G+ to include all of their e-mail addresses, it won’t work? I need to leave them as separate people until they self-associate?

  11. Angely Alvarez

    This post ranks #1 in Google when searching for “google plus multiple email”. Great work Angel!


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